Major | Department of Sociology


The Sociology major provides both a solid foundation for students interested in careers in the social sciences and a strong background for a variety of professions in which knowledge of societies and its processes is relevant.

The unique undergraduate curriculum at the University enables students to integrate coursework across the Humanities and Social Sciences with the Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology Studies, Communication and Business. Within this multi-disciplinary framework, the Sociology Major at the University will train future scholars and professionals to be engaged and critical readers, complex thinkers and clear writers, and rigorous and creative social analysts. Our students will be well prepared to engage with a rapidly transforming India and its place in today’s world. With guidance from their departmental advisors, students will design their own program of study, combining basic academic training, core thematics, electives of their choice, a workshop in sources and research methods, and supervised, hands-on fieldwork culminating in a final-year thesis.

Whether the goal is to become an informed citizen, an expert in the social sciences, we offer the tools and knowledge to help students make sense of the world around them. Those planning a professional career or graduate study in Sociology or another degree in Social Science will find a wide range of useful and interesting courses. Students preparing for careers in law, social service, health, public administration, and other professional areas can choose from many relevant substantive courses. In all of these courses, we encourage students to study issues from a variety of perspectives.