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Career Opportunities

By studying social life, social change, communities and their interactions, and cultural phenomenon, the Department of Sociology at SNU foster critical and analytical thinking, innovation, and problem-solving skills amongst its students. The discipline has a far reaching nature and students can take advantage of this by choosing the direction of their sociology program.

A degree in Sociology offers a wide set of careers options to choose from and a diverse catalog of job profiles match their skill set. Students seeking employment have an array of options depending on their aptitude and choice of the work environment.  Sociology majors are often seen as prospective employees by research foundations working with criminal justice system, public health and welfare, education, domestic and international law and also survey and polling organizations. With the introduction of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) provisions by the Government of India, Sociology majors can also find employment working for corporate entities in a capacity where they help design and implement programs to fulfill the mandated social responsibilities of the corporate organizations.

Furthermore, Sociology majors are also uniquely situated to go on to law school, and for graduate degree programs in social work, education, public policy, mass communications, public health, non-profit administration.