Dr Samprati Pani, PhD Sociology 2022 | Department of Sociology

Dr Samprati Pani, PhD Sociology 2022

Dr Samprati Pani completed her PhD in sociology at the department in 2022. Her doctoral thesis titled ‘The Making of Weekly Bazaars of Delhi’ is an ethnography of the making of itinerant bazaars and streets of Delhi through the intersection of urban informality, design and spatial practices. She is a postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Max Weber Forum for South Asian Studies (MWF), New Delhi, where she is working on a project titled ‘Repair Work and Maintenance: Techniques, Materiality and Sociality of Urban Marketplace Infrastructures’. Her research follows repair and maintenance practices of marketplaces in north India to understand how urban living is a process of improvisation and the ways in which production and consumption in cities are conjoined. The project is part of the research focus area ‘Economy and Knowledge’ of the MWF. You can read more about her here: https://mwfdelhi.hypotheses.org/samprati-pani

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