Sound, Music, Silence | Department of Sociology

Sound, Music, Silence

The archive of recorded music in India is an emerging site of research in new approaches to Social Anthropology. As an ‘archive’, it is capable of fielding many questions around the formation of musical code and its relation to its larger context. How does music serve as an epistemological tool to understand social-cultural formations? What new contributions can be made by ‘listening’ to the archive? Will analysis of music make a difference to the Post-colonial approaches and their preoccupation with ‘nationalisms’? A musical archive also offers enabling possibilities of constructing genealogies of sound that question the idea of sociality. The last premise especially signals the investigation of transformations of the musical genres and silencing of some voices, until they are parodied and reiterated in another context. The ensuing patterns of  ‘re-contextualization’ further add to the question of aesthetics and ethics. This archive provides a tremendously rich material for new analytical approaches drawing on ethnomusicology, musicology  and culture studies and can aspire to set in new trends for music studies and ethnographies of sound, music and silence.