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Religion, Secularity, Society

Religion has been a central area of research within the discipline of Sociology. Sociologists and anthropologists have long been concerned with religious experiences, practices and discourses. While important to the study of religion, simply focusing on these leads to treating ‘religion’ as a stand-alone category that can be examined in terms of some supposed internal logic, leading to either narrow reductions or inversely grand universalizations. Instead, it is important to explore various aspects of what is considered to be religion along with the notion of secularity. Doing so challenges some of the methodological conceits and problematics of the discipline in studying religion in terms of rituals, magic, witchcraft and such like. We need to take seriously the genealogy of religions which cannot be understood without at once investigating the genealogy of multiple secularities and modernities. Such an approach takes us away from both Euro-centric and hegemonic nationalist imaginaries of religion. In turn, this makes way for exploring the productive tensions and connections between contemporary religiosities, and practices and discourses of science, medicine and the body.