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Objects, Ecology, Science

In sociological investigations there is a growing and well established emphasis to bring the ecological into the forefront, to see how it constitutes and imbues the social. That is, there has been a growing trend to argue that the domain of ecology must not treat of the natural world as separate from social structures, but what must be emphasized are the symbiotic effects of how the natural and social worlds effect, shape and influence each other. In this line of thought, ecological and posthumanist developments have come to intersect, such that humans are not viewed as sovereign beings that exercise control over other beings but are beings amongst others; thus, what is given analytical emphasis is how beings – human and non-human – are entwined and effect the world they are situated in. Research undertaken at the Department of Sociology investigates these sorts of analytics that are being formulated with special emphasis on the intersections of ecology and science and their engagements with objects as a means to address the processes of the contemporary.