Sarah Haq | Department of Sociology


Doctoral student
Department of Sociology
School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SoHSS)
Shiv Nadar University
Profile Summary 

Sarah Haq is a doctoral student in the department who is currently working in the area of body politics in contemporary societies. Her academic inclinations are shaped by her own situatedness within urbanity and she looks for the process and practices of the everyday urban life to inform much of her own analytical musings. When she is not reading about bodies, she bakes and reinvents traditional recipes, plays soccer and learns Chopin and the 60s Jazz on her piano  to win her cat’s attention. As a former activist, she has been actively involved in creating awareness about Tibetan cultural heritage by organising campaigns, seminars and documentary screenings in academic institutions in Delhi and lobbying in the Parliament.


Educational Qualifications 
MPhil. Sociology
Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi
M.A. Psychosocial Clinical Studies
Ambedkar University Delhi
B.A. Psychology
Indraprastha College, University of Delhi
Work Experience 
Assistant Professor,
Ambedkar Univeristy,
I currently work here
Research Assistant,
School of Human Studies, Ambedkar University,
Programme Coordinator, Delhi chapter,
Students for a Free Tibet -India,
I currently work here
Research Assistant, Development Practices,
Ambedkar University,
Teaching & Research Interests: 

Research interests: Body and Cultural studies; folk and tribal art; Visual Anthropology and the significance of art and aesthetics in the urban cultures; Psychoanalyis and art.

Courses:  ‘Understanding Modernity’ , an interdisciplinary course offered in the School of Humanities and the Social Sciences ( SoHSS).

Conferences (Select): 

•    Presented a paper titled ‘Real Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder: The Aesthetics of  Pain in Tatooed Bodies’ in the College Arts Association Conference 2019, New York.
•    Presented a collaborative paper  titled ‘ Of Other Skies: The Socio-Historical Dynamics of Tibetan Thangka Art in Exile’, in the international conference organised by the Trust for History of Art &Architecture of Pakistan(THAAP) 2017.
•    Presented a joined paper  titled ‘Remembering Auschwitz: Surviving the Holocaust’, in the annual conference 2017 in the Society for Psychical Research(SPR), London.
•    Presented a paper titled “The Despotic Underside of Multiculturalism’ in the first International Conference on Humanities And Cultural Science (ICHACS) Conference held at Prague, Czech Republic (2016).
•    Presented a paper titled “The Skin and the Ink: Tracing the Boundaries of Tattoo Art in India.’ in the 34th CIDOC Conference on ‘Documenting Diversity: Collections, Catalogue and Context’ organized by Comité International pour la Documentation (CIDOC), ICCOM, France in September 2015 in New Delhi, India.

•    Presented a paper titled “Writing Mythologies, Performing Cultures” in the 2nd International Ramlila Conference organized by the Indra Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA) in New Delhi (2015).
•    Presented a paper titled “Pleasure or Pain: The Significance of Tattoo Art in Contemporary Lives” at the 24th convention of the National Academy of Psychology (NAOP) held at the Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal (2014).

•    Presented a paper titled “From Melas to Malls: A Critical Analysis of the Historicity of Tattoo Art in India” at the 23rd session of Indian Art History Congress in the National Museum Institute (NMI), Delhi (2014).
•    Presented a paper titled “‘S-INKED IN’: A Study of Contemporary Tattoo Art in Urban India” at the bi-annual Research Scholars’ Workshop organized by the Department of Sociology, University of Delhi, Delhi (Spring, 2014).

•    Presented a paper titled “On Seeing and Listening: A Case Study of the Hospital as the (Unconscious?)Space of Care in Urban Societies” at the annual Mental Health conference in Ambedkar University, Delhi (2013). 
•    Presented a paper in the national conference on “the Vicissitudes of Violence” organized by Indraprastha College, Delhi University (2012).