Subhashim Goswami | Department of Sociology


Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology
School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SoHSS)
E 344, Shiv Nadar University
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Profile Summary 

Subhashim Goswami, is a sociologist and a practicing theatre artist. As a sociologist, he is interested in questions of research methodology, ethnography, the visual world and manifestations of the world in writing and the intersection and interface between art and research. As a theatre artist, he has a distinct passion of working with children and works on creating plays for toddlers, i.e. plays for children below three years to watch.

His doctoral research focused on the question of method in the field of anthropology and sociology and looked at what it means for practitioners of a discipline to construct their objects of inquiry. Currently he is developing a manuscript tentatively titled: “Ethnography – an object in emergence” which underlines the possibility of framing ethnography itself as an object. This work invites practitioners of the discipline to closely interrogate and ask what it means for them to be engaged in the practice that they do.

Subhashim decided to pursue his Ph.D. eight years after his M.Phil as he felt he finally had a question that he needed to ask of the discipline. In the interim eight year period Subhashim had co-founded a research and media collective in collaboration with a film-maker and a researcher which allowed him to explore various kinds of research questions and engage with diverse field sites and locations in terms of people’s world views, practices and ways of life and living. Working and collaborating with other kinds of practitioners allowed him to explore the use of varied research techniques and media forms from ethnography, documentary films to public art and community media.

Subhashim is an alumnus of the Department of Sociology, Delhi School of Economics. His publications have been in the field of method in the social sciences, visuality, masculinity and on practices which lie at the interstices of research and art. His current research interests are: research/art interface, Visual Practices/New Media and Material Culture, Theatre for toddlers, Ethnographic Film-Making.

Educational Qualifications 
Dept. of Sociology, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi
Dept. of Sociology, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi
Dept. of Sociology, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi
B.A. (Hons.) Sociology
Hindu College, University of Delhi
Work Experience 
Visiting Faculty, Dept. of English,
Shiv Nadar University
Guest Faculty,
Dept. of Sociology, Delhi School of Economics,
New Delhi
Co-Founder ,
Frame Works Research and Media Collective ,
New Delhi
Teaching & Research Interests: 

Teaching Interests

  • Ethnographic Practice and Methods, Research Methodology, Sociological Theories – Classical thinkers, Structuralism and Post- Structuralism, Visual and New Media Studies, Sociology of Religion and its relevance in the contemporary world. Writing Pedagogies.

Research Interests

  • Research/Art Intervention, Visual Practices and New Media, Visual and Material Culture, Art and Design intervention of the contemporary, Theatre for toddlers, Ethnographic Film-Making. Writing Studies.