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Hearing Images, Seeing Sounds

Course description:
Is there a difference in the way we see the world and the way we observe it? Does observing the world demand a particular engagement which otherwise misses our eye? This course is intended to equip students on the skill of how to write, what in the social sciences one understands as a writing of representation. Writing representation or writing the world is concomitant to developing an acute eye for observing the world. This course will focus on developing this acute skill of observation, the first premise of being a researcher, through an experimental way of writing and unravelling contexts through images and sounds.
The course at would entail reading a few texts selectively which complicates this idea of representation while the majority of the course will work at producing images and sounds as a way of describing particular contexts that each student or a group of students decide to work with. The students would be expected to collect and make images and sounds that we would put together in an online format for archiving and future dissemination. The course would also involve some amount of group work.
The students will be evaluated on reading texts and the conceptual grounding that they manage to achieve in the work of producing images and sounds in order to communicate an idea. The process of working with images and sound – the act of collecting, making and archiving will be continuous and entail 40 percent of the overall grades. The rest 60 percent of the grades will be evaluated through two assignments or written exams, one during mid-term and one by the end of the term. The mid-term exam will aggregate 20 percent of the course while the final assignment will carry 40 percent weightage.

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