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Me, Us and Them: An invitation to Sociological Thinking

“Me, us and them: an invitation to sociological thinking,” is an introductory course for Sociology with a twin aim. The first aim of the course is to think about the interconnectedness between who we are as individuals and how we belong to a group as an individual. The second aim of the course is to inculcate a sociological orientation to think about the way the world functions and what is our role in this functioning of the world. Society – a commonly used term but rarely understood, defines our location as humans. We all claim to live in a society whether as the daughter of a mother, as an inhabitant of a city, as a citizen laying claims to a belonging or as an individual who rejects these binding categories that construct a notion of this “I”. This course will introduce students to these inherent dilemmas of life and living through two complementary strains of what sociological thinkers have framed as sociological perspective and sociological imagination.  Working with these two strands of thought, this course will encourage students to think about how “I” as a subject exists and how a sense of belonging constructs the notion of a “me” to an “us” and eventually a notion of “them” which indicates how we think of those who we consider are not like us. In broad terms this course will be divided along four defining registers of how an individual is constructed: Gender, Space, Ecology and Technology. What does it mean for us to define ourselves as a man or a woman or neither or both; how may we understand where we live; how the environment and the non-human is a distinct part of society and what role does technology play in constructing the subject “I”. In a nutshell, this course invites everyone to critically engage with who we are as people and how and why we live the way we do.

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