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Alumni Spotlights

  • Dr Samprati Pani, PhD Sociology 2022

    Dr Samprati Pani completed her PhD in sociology at the department in 2022. Her doctoral thesis titled ‘The Making of Weekly Bazaars of Delhi’ is an ethnography of the making of itinerant bazaars... read more

  • Dr. Deepak Prince, PhD Sociology 2022

    Dr. Deepak Prince's doctoral research is on the sociality of technological screens and interfaces—smartphones in particular—objects that have become closely integrated within a diverse set of... read more

  • Dr. Shagufta Kaur Bhangu, PhD Sociology, 2021

    Dr. Shagufta Kaur Bhangu completed her PhD at the Department in 2021. Her doctoral research, titled 'A Sociological Investigation of Pain Medicine and Pain Clinics in India' was an exploration of... read more