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Totem Pole

Totem Pole is the student-led society of the Department of Sociology. Although Sociology is a rigorous discipline, the aim of this society is to highlight the possibility that it need not remain hermetically sealed. The discipline itself encourages those involved in its study to observe, ruminate, and ask an endless stream of questions about the social lives of people. Taking inspiration from this, Totem Pole, apart from giving students a forum to discuss and deliberate upon sociological themes, also hopes to bring students and faculty out by facilitating conversations across the board on an enabling platform.

Through various events, activities, workshops, and discussions, our aim is to add to the culture of this University by spreading different kinds of knowledge and stirring people’s curiosity in an uncommon fashion. The idea is to spread new kinds of thinking about the world we live in and to see as far and deeply as we can.

Department Activities include theater performances, visiting art galleries, talks, and lectures, annual documentary and film screenings, discussion based on books and readings.

Departmental Socials including faculty and students collaborating to perform; hold events which involve interactive sessions taking learning beyond the classroom to help students connect social theory with daily life.

Students pursuing Sociology majors registered in the B.A.(Research) program are members of this club; while those who have Sociology as a minor course are given an opportunity to become a part of the society if they wish to.

Meet The Team

Faculty Advisor
Aadera Rammohan
Class of 2023
Ameyatman Singh
Class of 2024
Tanmay Pandya
Associate Secretary 1
Class of 2024
Maahi Gupta
Associate Secretary 2
Class of 2024
Shridula Gopinath
Class of 2024
Reva Rudra
Freshmen Coordinator
Class of 2025